Who did your makeup, Ronald Mcdonald?

What a handsome bastard

That’s me 👆

So, why has Ronald McDonalds makeup cropped up on a blog that is designed to help you to tell you Boss to shove his shitty job where the sun don’t shine?

Well, some years ago I was kind of forced to quit my day job.


Well because I was stupid and got extremely pissed at the office Christmas party and got a little tired of the bosses wife putting me down at the table and everyone laughing at her stupid jokes, just because she was the bosses wife.

So, I asked her the question: who did your makeup, Ronald McDonald? in front of the whole table. The response was awesome. Everyone fell about the place laughing uncontrollably.

As you can imagine. It went down like a shit-filled balloon.

The following Monday, I told the boss that I was resigning. Damage limitation? No. I jumped before I was pushed 🤣

Anyway, I wanted to write this blog to help others to quit their job and tell their boss to shove it!, but without the hangover and for a slightly more profitable reason.

It wasn’t Big and It wasn’t clever!

But hopefully, you are

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